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Prompt 3 – Wildcard

Prompt 3 for the DigCiz class is a wildcard where students can feel free to move away from blogging about digital citizenship and actively be digital citizens. All of the students in the class have two blogs. One on a root level domain that they wrote a domain intention for and one on a subdomain for the DigCiz course. This prompt is a chance for students to spend some time being digital citizens. I want to encourage all of the students to return to their domain intentions that they wrote out a few weeks ago and use this as an opportunity to get that first post up about the thing that they are passionate about.

Also note that this prompt is in a video format. I’m doing this because I want to encourage students to think about maybe creating a blog post in another kind of format – video, audio, image,  I’m adding some text around it that basically says the same thing as what I say in the video just for good measure as some people may have trouble experiencing the video for whatever reason. However, I am additionally adding text to show that text can allow me to go deeper with hyperlinks. For instance I can suggest a video on how to create videos. Point out that it is possible to embed a google map into a blog post in case anyone wants to reflect on travel. I can mention a tool that I use for hosting sound files. Text and hyperlinking give the option to give another layer of context to my writing.

I hope everyone enjoys the prompt. Have fun with it and if you are having any trouble creating something let me know.