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Final Blog Prompt – Open Reflection from Our Class



Wow! So this is it. The end of the course. We still have a few more discussions in class and we still have one major paper that is due but for the most part we are putting a bow on things.

This final prompt is very open but it is a little more focused than a wildcard post. It needs to be a DigCiz post but you can take it in any direction that you would like. You could just reflect on the class as a whole. You may want to dive a little deeper in something that you enjoyed learning about in the class or find a new way to express something that you reflected on previously in class or maybe in a previous blog post. It is all up to you but it should relate back to the idea of digital citizenship.

It has been great getting to know all of you and having a chance to tackle some of the questions surrounding what it means to share digital space as humans.